How Do I Spot A Fake Gucci T Shirt?


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The most obvious way to spot a fake t-shirt, or counterfeit good of any kind, is the price. For an authentic Gucci t-shirt, you should expect to pay one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, even four hundred dollars from a reputable dealer. Even at a discounted price, it is highly unlikely that you will find an authentic, new Gucci t-shirt for less than 75 dollars. So if you see a guy with a stall selling "Gucci" t-shirts for five, 10, 20 dollars, you should steer clear if you don't want to end up with a fake.

Another indicator of counterfeit Gucci t-shirts is the label. In authentic t-shirts, the label on the inside of the collar should be black with white text printed onto it. The size should be found on a small, separate label at the collar, on top of the label with "Gucci", "made in Italy" and (maybe) washing instructions printed on to it. Also, check the actual text printed onto the label. On genuine Gucci t-shirts, the text on the labels is equally spaced and centrally positioned on the label, and the letters should be smooth and rounded. If the stitching of the label looks poor quality or jagged, or the text is too close together, then the product you are looking at might be a fake. If the fabric, detailing or the t-shirt as a whole looks shabby or poorly executed, steer clear. Gucci t-shirts are always made carefully using high quality fabrics.

If you're looking online at sites such as eBay, and you've come across a t-shirt which you think may be a fake, don't be afraid to ask the seller questions. If the shirt and its seller are genuine, then you should be provided with honest feedback in a friendly, open way. If the seller becomes defensive, is not helpful or does not respond at all, don't bother buying their product, as it could be a fake.

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