I really like a dress on tidebuy.com , has anyone dealt with them? How is the service? They allow paypal, and the VeriSign logo on their website is authentic. Anyone share experience would be great.


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• I've never heard of tidebuy.com But nissenbridal.com is where my Aunt, my cousin, and a good friend bought their wedding gown on-line and I just ordered mine! So we are super excited and their work is magnificient. If you can't find anyone whose ordered from tidebuy.com , I wouldn't do it. Good Luck! Www. Nissenbridal.com
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Too many gorgeous pieces to choose! :) What an amazing giveaway! My favorite pieces are Watter Dress, Discount Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown, Cheap Bonny bliss Modest Conservative Dress!! Good luck to everyone! Thank you nissenbridal.com for such great service and beautiful dresses!
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I have never bought anything on it. But I heart this site from my good friend.He bought a dress for his wife last month,he said that they got the dress soon and the material is very well and his wife likes it very much.I think you can have a try.Best wishes.

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