Girls, what do you think about guys with dark hair? Do you consider them cute?


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PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Hair color has little to do with whether I think someone is cute or not. It needs to be clean, combed, and cut to go with their features. Or in the case of my husband, he has no hair and that can be good looking as well.

Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

Everyone on this answer is saying that hair colour doesn't matter when it comes to attractiveness... I wish I could say the same and not come across as superficial .. But nope. I am only attracted to men with dark hair or none at all :) I could never date a blonde... Which is weird ... Coming from a blonde ... I don't know why but NOPE. No fair haired men for me.

Seek Kolinahr Profile
Seek Kolinahr answered

I don't feel attraction toward people without an emotional connection, but purely speaking in abstract aesthetic terms, I appreciate deep browns and reds over fair hair.

Katherine Miller Profile

That depends whether I like him or not.

Ellie E. Weedon Profile
Ellie E. Weedon answered

Oh yes, I have a preference.

I definitely don't think that I would date only guys with a certain hair colour, because that'd be really shallow, but I do ask out a lot of brunettes.


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