How Does Waxing Work And Is It A Good Way Of Removing Body Hair?


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Waxing is an old and historian way of removing hair from the body which is made out of honey and lemon. The wax is cooked on over heat with the mixture of honey and lemon and cooked for some time till it blends in properly. The honey and lemon is said to have a really good and smooth effect on the skin and is known for decreasing hair growth.
The wax is spread over the skin where the hair has to be removed and with the help of a small stick or a piece of cloth the wax is stretched out, once it is spread over the sticky wax. The wax is known for removing hair from the roots even thus making hair growth a slower process.

Waxing is very convenient to do home, however a lot of people prefer to get it done at a salon. It has a great after effect on the skin and is easily available every where. When the hair grows back, it is much lighter and is not that thick as it is usually. It gives a really appealing look to the skin especially on the legs and hands and gives them a shiny effect.
However waxing is extremely painful, since the effect of pulling the skin is really like a torture. Some sensitive people get really bad rashes and redness on the skin. It is also an expensive procedure as compared to others.

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