How To Remove Hair In Sexual Places?


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I assume the real question is "How do I remove the hair without getting those ugly red bumps?" There's no easy answer.

Method 1 is to use the trimmer part of an electric razor. You can cut close enough that you don't see the hair, but you can still feel it. If you get close enough not to feel it, you will get the red bumps. Maintenance is daily, but the price is right.

Method 2 is laser hair removal. It's expensive (but you can find bargains) and painful. Most important is that, since not all your hair is growing at any one time, it must be done three times, at six week intervals, to get all the hair. The result is, in most cases, maintenance-free. In my case, I was not rigorous about the six week interval and have had some regrowth, maybe 10%. I still consider it money well-spent.
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You can treat yourself to a wax job,that is the best and smoothest way to remove hair from any area of the body......the best to you

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