What is your favourite hair removal method? My girlfriend hates waxing, so I thought maybe I should buy her an epilator. Is that a good idea? Or any good alternatives?


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I like an epilator. Still pulls the hair out by the root but I find it less messy than waxing. It can still hurt and may take longer but the results are nice.

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Willie B. good answered

Good idea? I guess that depends on how long you've been dating, to answer your question nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned razor

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Toni Pauze answered

Nothing beats getting old! Works like magic.

Or remove your thyroid! Never had to shave again.

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Taila Nevado answered

Well, you will get contradicting answers because people have different skin
types. While waxing works for some, others hate it. I usually opt for an
electric epilator. She can also try hair removal creams. Those with sensitive
skin should avoid these though. Make sure to ask for your girlfriend’s opinion
before buying her anything.

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I do it with cream, but make sure you don't have any irritated areas on your body or that s**t will burn you alive or make it feel that way. Burning your crotch doesn't feel too good.

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