How Do I Remove Hair Wax From A Plastic Microwave?


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I just did this last night.  I feel for you.  I used GOO GONE.  It sucks but if you put it on a grungy towel, just scrub it until it is gone.  This chemical is not harsh smelling at all, so you can clean for hours if needed.  Once you are done with that, let everything dry.  It will still feel sticky, then wipe it down with a degreaser, such as oven cleaner.  Good luck hun.
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I accidentally completely soaked my inbuilt microwave with hot wax - even the pot melted!  I was very dubious about whether Kaeso wax care would work but thought I'd give it a go before replacing the microwave.  It did work!  I needed some wire pads and a filler knife chisel but the microwave is now spotless and wax free.

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