I Love Name Brand Things Like Dior Louis Vuitton And Prada - How About You?


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sameera ras answered
No I don't unless its a really big occasion we shouldn't go for them cause they are so expensive its better if you spend less on your clothes and more on your brain BUY A BOOK or help someone with the extra money
Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
I must say such people are quality conscious. I also like brands of Levis, Christian Diar, St, Micheal etc because they produce quality products and their fabrics are absolutely fantastic. Though the brand name products are little costly but their quality is much more high than that.
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There is a lot of name brand but if you  shop at winners there is a discount on every thing now we have  Louis Vuitton items
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booth acton answered
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