What Happens If You Don't Brush Your Hair?


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It really depends what your hair is like.   My hair is very coarse, thick, and straight.   I don't own a hair brush and haven't for years.   I use my fingers to "brush" it every once in awhile-a habit that started when I used to wear my hair very short.   I don't get tangles because of the type of hair I have.   I also have a very sensitive scalp, so when hair stylists go at my poor head I have to stop them.   Despite what everyone'll get dreadlocks..etc..I have what I call tv hair because it doesn't require much maintenance to look good, and it takes a huge amount of effort to mess it up.   So..I guess my answer is:   If you have hair like mine, don't worry about it.   :)   I also grow my hair really long to donate, which is when I start seeing tangles (last time I cut off 15" and there was still plenty for a nice hairstyle)
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If you don't brush your hair then it will be knotted and will be very hard to make it straight.

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