What Happens When You Get Your Hair Thinned?


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Hair thinning is also a type of hair style. People with extremely thick hair looking for a new look often go in for this procedure. It involves shearing alternate hair strands and thereby thinning the hair down. It is not a common style and only trained stylists with considerable experience can perform it to perfection. The stylist usually requires special thinning shears or scissors to thin the hair along with proper judgment on his part to ascertain where nips and tusk would appear proper.

Hair thinning is also a common problem related to age faced by most men and women as their follicles start to shrink and die. Several medical experts suggest using oils and shampoos. British research into this has led to a breakthrough in the form of transplanting hair follicles from the back of the neck to the scalp region after adequately culturing the cells to multiply in sufficient enough numbers.

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