Do People Think Young Girls Should Wear Skin Tight Jeans And Micro-mini Skirts ?Our Neighbours Have A 10 Year Old Girl Who Is A Really Pleasant Girl But Is Always Wearing Extremely Tight Jeans And Skirts So Short That Sometimes Her Pants Are Visible,


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I let my 8 year old wear skin tight jeans and shorts without knickers underneath to avoid pantie lines and she also has several micro mini skirts which show her knickers when walking. She is bright and confident and has a good body - I let her be proud of it. So yes what is wrong with girls wearing short tight clothes - In my opinion nothing.
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Sometimes it is difficult for parents to check on their daughters all the time. I have 2 daughters aged 9 and 11 and they both wear mini-skirts. However, I know other parents have seen them at the local park with their skirts hitched upto micro-mini level, barely covering their panties and I have been told that both have given glimpses of their knickers on more than one occasion, although they both plead innocence. I can't actually imagine any parent being happy with such young gtirls going out with their panties visible or their pantie lines visible through skin tight jeans
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In this day and age if a 10 yesr old wants to wear skin tight jeans and micro skirts and her parents atr OK
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My daughter is 9 and I let her wear skin tight jeggings through which her pantie lines are easily visible. She also wears micro mini skirts sometimes and her knickers are visible when she is walking but she is confident and bright and I don't see a problem with it.
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I think it really depends on the person. If she likes wearing them and if its ok with her parents then its ok but if its not ok with her parents then she shouldnt be wearing them.

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