Why do most people make a big deal about guys wearing tight jeans?


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Jimi La'Dawn answered
Well, women think that its just wrong that guys wear women clothing cause they consider skinny jeans as women clothing. But I don't hate when guys wear them, guys can wear what they want to and express themselfs how ever they feel. Girls wear guys clothing, so how come guys can't wear skinny jeans. Plus, some guys look cute in them. :)
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I don't h8 guys who wear tight jeans..I respect them for not being afraid to wear what they want and show who they are..but personally I think tht I want sumone mre manly..not sayin tht guys who wear tight jeans arent men..its jus stereotypical...tho I'm a fashion crituque so on some men it wrks and on my man..it don't wrk...so for example the skinny jeans may look good on you nd not another guy...8) but I don't like guys who wear baggy pants either..it has to be in the middle..8) gosh I'm picky!
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Jack Milligan answered
I don't know, but I love them. I was wearing them earlier today, I love them.
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Tiffiny answered
Maybe your legs look like girls legs in tight jeans.

I personally find it a bit...not tough for a wimpy guy to wear skin tight clothes.

But, that's just my silly little opinion :)
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Jon Cunningham
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But it's who they are. There's something you wear that some people don't like. Is it the same with hicks? They wear tight wranglers all the time and NO ONE says anything to 'em.
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Sometimes a person will look good with a certain piece of clothing, others not so much. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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Maxine Chan answered
Because most guys wear baggy pants with their undies showing and they think tight pants means they are gay or emo lol, so true for the emos who wear tight clothes but that is part of who they are.
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Because they think if guys wear skinny jeans, they are gay.. But I think that they can wear whatever they like and you can't be judgmental on what they wear :D
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Lexi answered
Because you look gay. Its silly really. Tight jeans are for everybody.
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max atwood answered
Well there have been afew cases of tight pants causing DVTs. Blood clots in the leg. It seems to happen to men who ware tight pants more than women. And is life threatening.
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Because usally when a guy wears thight pants its means their gay, and their buisness can`t breath in them. But where what you want. Lol

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