Why do girls wear short skirts?


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Simly because its in fashion these days, not because there trying to be sluts , or anything , just because they want to fit in. C'mon like if people wear underwear tomorrow , I bet in a week a lot of people will start wearing them just because they think its coming in "style"
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They want to show there body to boys or girls because there not fat like other people some people are like this lol
will iam skinny and I like to wear short skirt and iam not like other to show my body that there fat and iam skinny .
And its look beautiful when you wear it
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It can show their figures and make them more attractive and beautiful
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To show their long sexy legs I guess !
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Mainly because it is fashionable and most girls like to follow whatever the trends are . 
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Hey Maria not talking.u love injoying wearing tight short shorts
karlee quiroz
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Some girls especially teenage girls have low self esteem, and feel that if they show some skin and get attention it might make them feel better about them selves.
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So we can show how great we look in them it gives us confidence and makes us feel sexy and get attention  from guys I love wearing short skirts and short shorts anything to show my legs
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It\'s The fashion. They want to show off their legs and maybe make their butt look bigger. And they think men find it attractive which probably most do.
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Some wear just because they look good in it! And other's were coz they want to show their legs? Even if they are totally fat and ugly! Lol xD but mostly its because of the trend and style.
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Because their parents were raised (no better)to raise harlots,girls who become pregnant with no husband before they graduate high school,or sell their bodies for money,because they live in a lost household with no father to bust their rear end with a belt strap when they try to walk out in public view with little or no clothes on..because their parents like to raise missing girls/girls for sex crimes/rapists..remember you asked for the whole answer.
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Why do people have problem with girls wearing short skirts? And, how does even one have so much time to think whether girls should wear short skirts or not. Damn! There are some great things yet to be done in everyone's life. Stop worrying about what people (especially girls) wear..

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