How Has Fashion Changed In The Past 20 Years?


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Well, 20 years ago, the mullet was popular, and so was straight legged pants partnered with white tennis shoes. Women wore big hair, padded shoulders, and over-sized shirts.
The gangster mentality came into play, and the pants exploded to 4 times the regular size, and then there came $100 dollar pairs of shoes coupled with huge gold necklaces, backward baseball caps.
Then tie-dye has made another come back, with flare legs, hip huggers, a.k.a. Low-rise pants, and the peace sign. Of late you see a lot of the bold polka dots and bold colors being used, (which I think is ugly), and the retro look.
Currently that isn't the only fashion circulating out there, many people are using the mullet again, using shirts that look like 2 shirts are being worn, hats, and scarves are popular too.
Society is very adaptable, and people are free to pick the fashion that they are most comfortable with in themselves, and it is usually accepted by all of U.S. Standards. Hope this brought some insight to you.

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