I'm not one who wears strictly skirts, but I wanted to know from a guy's perspective what you think is appropriate for girls/women to wear?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Being kind of old school I'll admit I like seeing women wearing skirts but with all the different fashions nowadays it doesn't seem to really matter. I think skirts and such are appropriate for work or a formal affair but just about anything is OK otherwise. As long as it's not too revealing and that is up to the lady.

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I like to see a girl who is confident enough in her own beauty that she doesn't feel the need to dress in an extremely revealing fashion. That's what attracted me to my wife. Best of luck to you my friend!

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Matt Radiance answered

First that is really  personal decision. In my perspective, Each place has it's own appropriate wear.  Skirts aren't bad.  But for example, I don't think it would be suit for a formal environment. Suits are more appropriate for there. Anything could be appropriate if it worn at the right time & place, However, There's a style, I call it inappropriate & you can watch what some of female celebrities wear on award events today. 

The fashion style of today getting closer to be inappropriate in general. That's my opinion, & For me personally, I prefer 60's-70's- 80's ladies dresses, To be honest they excite me, Those times including the fashions, are my favorites.

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Just dress sensibly. Every generation has a different standard of decency when it comes to the dress code. As most of the answers above point out, clothing has different effects depending on the situation. Don't dress to impress guys. A guy worth keeping is more interested in your humor, intelligence, or personality than the clothes you wear.

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Thanks for all of the answers! I was excited to see how many I got, I don't think it's fair to guys for us women to wear clothes that are revealing and inappropriate thought triggers.

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I don't see skirts that often where I live anymore. But I do want to say that as far as what women wear, I think they should be more appropriate and less revealing. A lot of young women are exposing too much of their bodies these days, and then complaining because the guys around them look at them for sex.

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Pants until your 30.

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