Tattooed Eyebrows. Is It A Good Thing Or Bad Thing?


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Eyebrow tattoo are not a good thing to do. People mostly do it because they don't want to plunk them but you know what there is a chance that you might got infection and as the eyebrow is closer to the eye so that infection might travel to your eye.
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Tattooed eyebrows sounds dangerous and very painful, does that help?
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They're not really good or bad,
But remember that you can't get ride of them easily and they cost a lot.
And when your original eye brows grow back it'll made your tattoo go all weird and it'll loose its shape...
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I plucked my eyebrows until my eyes got bad and now I have them waxed. I always thought the shaved and drawn in brows to be phony looking and strange. Many guys I talk to feel the same way, but it is a matter of choice, just think it through so you will be prepared to live with it the rest of your life.
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It's painful as hell and can cost a lot, mine were $175. They do numb them before hand, also it's not a tattoo. They use differnt ink, and a different gun/needle. Since the needle they use doesnt go as far into your skin, it lasts aprox 5 years. If you don't need to have it done I don't't think it's worth it. Also nothing is ever perfect, more than likely after having them done and staring at them for a few hrs you will see a flaw or 2. Think about it long and hard and make sure you tell the person doing them what you want.
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Yeah I don't get them either, what if you want to change them? Or if your face appears different as you age? Such a bad idea.

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I would not, say so! :D just like plastic surgery but this is a lot lower on the scale im sure. I just think that after its all said and done, you end up regretting all the changes you do to your natural self and you end up worse off.

Tanning, piercing, tattoos, plastic surgery, the list goes on! The people I know who do that aggressively are pretty gross to look at. With their fake ORANGE skin that they think looks tan etc. 

Anyway, no offense I'm just speaking my mind.

Why do I find myself answering questions from ages ago? I guess someone bumps it up and makes it seem new?

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