I'm a mum and I love wearing short skirts, I'm 38. Is that wrong?


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Heaven Angel , lol, answered

yup, its really wrong. See, your kid learns the ways of life from his parents  before anyone else so if you walk around in innapropriate clothes he/she will start thinking its ok/normal or might be drawn towards people in those kind of clothes which is not always a good thing:-)

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Amanda Layne answered

So you're in your 30s and a bit kinky, that's not a crime hun!

I'd say as long as you don't embarrass your kids in public or do something weird that will make your family ashamed, then you should just enjoy yourself and be free to do what you want and dress how you want.

In fact, we all need to feel sexy and desirable, and there is nothing to say that just because you are in your 30s that you can't do that.

Would a guy be criticized for showing off his muscles if he works out after his 30th birthday? I don't think so!

So why should women be judged any differently?

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Andrew James , OK, answered

Always do which you like, Make your own style.

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lizzy green answered

Don't listen to what some people say -- if you have got flaunt it,it's what makes the world go round,have fun whilst you can!

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nazia ali answered

Sure, as long as you look good in one and it's not so short that it's kind of sluttish, for lack of a better word.

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Jason Tanenbaum answered

It is totally okay as long as you can carry it properly. You should wear what you find comfortable in also knowing the place you are visiting.

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Poppy O'Hair answered

Well, as long as you don't try to show off your butt, it's okay. Your kids will learn from you, however, so if you do wear it for sexual purposes they will learn wrong.

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