Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt?


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My boyfriend brought up the conversation of getting my nipples pierced. I initially said no because I had never thought about it.  However, I read other's perceptions of what it was like and I was kind of scared of the pain.  But, parts of me contemplated on the idea a lot.  So, two days ago I spontaneously went to Underground Art in Memphis and got my nipples pierced.  I still can't believe I did it.  It did not hurt me like it did others.  On scale of 1-10, I give it a 2.  And it was over so quick.  I took a deep breath, by the time I exhaled, it was over. It wasn't painless, but it's not as bad as others make it out to be, but keep in mind that everybody's perception and tolerance of pain is different.  My experience was the best! My piercer ROCKS!  The environment and person doing the piercing makes a difference.  Oh, and by the way....they look great! I got both pierced.
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Yes it hurts! The first one isn't nearly as bad as the second because all of your endorphins rush to the first one. After the finished the second one I was ready to pass out thats how bad it hurt. But its been 3 months now and totally worth the pain! After they are very soar for a few weeks. Clean them with antibacterial soap 3 times a day (I use dial bar soap) and sea salt soaks 2 for 10 minutes a day for about 3 months and they will heal perfectly! I would go into more explanation on the sea salt soaks but my hands hurt from typing...just google it. Good luck!
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I pierced mine on my own, and I used ice to numb it, and alcohol to clean the needle of the safety pin.
If you keep the ice on long enough, you'll only feel pressure. But after it's through and close up, it will be sore.
I don't know how they do it in the piercing places, though
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I just went and got both of my nipples pierced and I can honestly say the worst part of the whole thing was the clamps.  I got them done at Cowboyz Tattooz in Battle Creek Michigan they are wonderful with walking you through what is going to happen.  I went in sooooo nervous because people on the internet was saying oh my god it hurts so bad.  Now I see for myself the pain isn't that bad it's just like a bee sting.  Good luck to whoever is going next!
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I had mine pierced a few days ago, and the initial pain isn't too bad actually. Most piercers will ask you to take a deep breath in and then by the time you breathe out the needle is through. What hurts a bit more is when they attach the barbel or ring into the needle and push that through. That isn't even too bad. The healing process and the following days are the most painful- and again aren't too bad. It is sensitive when things rub against them, or you hit them. A bra will feel amazing because of the support it provides. The pain also depends on how large your breasts are. The larger the more it might hurt for the fact that there is more weight being put on them in a shirt, bra, swimsuit, etc. The healing can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months, and make sure to keep saliva, lotion, powders, etc away for at least the first 2 weeks. If some of those things come in contact rinse the piercing immediately to prevent infection. I would suggest getting it done- even if other people don't know- the little boost of confidence it gives you is amazing, you will feel sexy and free from the "wild" piercing.
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Yup, it really really hurts, both having it done and for about 2 weeks afterwards (especially if anything rubs against the piercings). But if it's something you want to have done it's kind of a nice pain and well worth going through for the finished effect.
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Um I found that they barely even hurt, it hurt a few days afterwards though... Just got to think of other things wen they stick the needle through
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It will be very painful... Use your finger nails and squeeze as hard as you can... And it will even hurt more than that.

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