Does It Hurt To Get Your Eyebrow Pierced.?


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Tiffany answered
Actually it doesn't, well it didn't on me , I had mine done when I was 16. It bled a bit, but I barely felt it. Just depends on how your body reacts to pain.I've always heard the eyebrow was the least painful.
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No, it does not. I am 14 years old and I just got my eyebrow pierced. For about one second and a half it hurt and I almost punched the guy in the face but right after that second and a half it does not hurt at all and your eyebrow just feels tingly and very heavy. Nothing serious, almost funny.
Have fun!
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Alex Georgiou answered
I jus got mine dune and I don't think it hurt that much :)
my ears hurt more haha and there nothinng

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