How Can I Make My Whole Body White Using Home Remedies?


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The color of your skin is all due to your nationality and a pigment called melanin. The more melanin present in your skin, the darker it is. It also generally means that people with darker skin can be exposed to the sun for longer than someone with fairer skin.

There are a lot of old wives tales that say the fairer your skin the more beautiful you are, which is of course nonsense.

However, there are a few home made remedies that are alleged to make your skin fairer. Depending of course on how much of your body you want to treat will depend on how much of each ingredient to use; this is just a guide;

• Make a paste up from turmeric powder, a small amount of milk and a dash of lime juice.
• Form a paste
• Spread onto your skin and leave to dry
• Rinse off with warm water
• Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week.

You can also use any of the following ingredients as they all act as bleaching agents;• Honey
• Lemon or Lime Juice
• Milk
• Cucumber Juice
• Flour is also good to form a paste

Please be aware that these ingredients are not designed to put on your skin so you may develop an allergic reaction.It is also advisable to cover up completely when going out in the sun to protect your skin and also to avoid you skin becoming any darker. Use a sun screen with a high SPF protection and it is advisable to wear a hat.There is a limit to how light your skin will become so if you are very dark and want very fair skin you may be disappointed by the results.
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One of the effective homemade skin whitening tips is the milk and gram flour mask which will lighten dark skin and add
shine on your face. Mix 1tbsp of gram flour with 2 tsp of raw milk and
2-3 drops of lime juice and apply the mixture for 15 minutes before
washing off. for more information click here

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The best natural skin whitening treatment for me is fresh lemon juice...
1. I cut a lemon into fourths and then i use the knife and slit the juice part of the lemon to get some of the juice running a bit and i mean the fruit/lemon part not the skin portion.
2. Then i add it to the part i want to lighten... I play tennis so i tend to get really tan and i also get random tan lines
3. Leave it on for no more than 5 minutes and rinse it off... For me since my whole body gets tan i just put the lemon juice all over and then take a shower
lemons are a natural bleach but is very acidic and tends to damage our skin... The best way to counter that is by adding lots of lotion or lotion with intense moisturizing so it helps prevent the skin from getting dry, ashy, and irritating afterwards but even if you dont get intense moisturizing lotion... Normal lotion works just fine but just apply it frequently... This isnt something that'll work overnight so you have to be patient with it and over time it does lighten up your skin... If you have any questions feel free to ask me.If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . Then visit  the hundreds of natural home remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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