My hands and legs are very dark compared to how do i make them lighter?


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There are quite a selection of products on the market which promise to make skin lighter. But why do it? The risks of permanently damaging the skin are very real and not to be taken lightly. It would probably be easier, and cheaper, to slightly darken the face with either a darker foundation or a fake tan.

  • Differences in Skin Tone
Having said all that, the real question should be: Why should anyone should have to worry about it anyway? The majority of people have slightly darker or lighter areas somewhere on their bodies. From a medium colored face with brown hands, lily white legs and brown feet, and a mucky brown at that, to brown arms and legs with a white face, anything goes.

  • Who Cares?
More often than not, unless the difference is really very obvious, the only person who ever notices it is the one who feels in some way afflicted by it. As it stands, it is not an affliction, it is perfectly normal. It makes no difference whether a person's skin is black, white, olive, pink, red or brown; single tone, multi-tone or speckled.

  • Nobody is Perfect
There is no such thing as a perfect body; even famous models have so-called flaws. They also have extremely well paid make-up artists to create that perfect look everyone else is trying so hard to achieve, often to the detriment of their health.

  • Take a Closer Look
So, before whitening or darkening anything, anyone tempted to do so should take a close look at those around them.

  • Things That Matter
What really matters is the person inside the skin. If the person inside is happy, warm and outgoing, no-one will give a hoot how which part of their body looks.

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