If I Shave Off My Eyebrows ,will They Grow Back Thicker?


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Shaving your eyebrows will not cause them to grow back thicker.
The thickness of your brows is genetically pre-determined.
That would be like shaving your head and thinking that it would produce more hair follicles on the scalp. It just doesn't work that way.
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I don't know :(... But I did the say thing...but only shaved a little bit of my eyebrow...I thought it wasnt that noticeable until my mom realized..and I couldnt keep it from her..BUSTED!!!! It was so embarrassing....but now I'm trying to grow them back...but my mom told me yes that they will grow back thicker..but I wouldnt go by my comment so much..because I don even know if shes advice is to look it up your self..or go to a salon..and ask..sure you might be embarrassed but at least you will know...
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No don't..I accidently did when I was in the shower and it has been two months and I regret it so much
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Yes I did it, it worked.
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No. You could use home remedies, instead. I am using the mentioned tips below.

1. Coconut oil

  • Place a little amount of warm coconut oil on the fingertips
  • Rub it on the eyebrows and then massage it nicely for some times to foster the blood circulation
  • Keep it on overnight
  • Wash it off with warm water next morning when waking up
  • Apply for 2 months until you can notice some better improvements
2. Vaseline: rubbing a small amount of vaseline to your eyebrows for a few times per day and keep the application continuous for 3 months.

For futher tips, you can consult at:  How to grow thicker eyebrows

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Yes they will also grow back the color green and have a buger stuck to them they will also be very tangled up

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