How Do You Get 6 Week Hair Dye Out Faster Than 6 Weeks?


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Wash your hair two times blow dry it then wash it another two times! Your hair color will be back to normal, in just a day!
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Well, the best way to get a hair dye out of your hair is simply bleaching it. However, it would not return your original hair color, it would simply prepare the hair for another hair dye. In anyways it is usually very harmful for hair. You can also use Mineral oil or Pure Alcohol on the hair. Leave them on for 5 minutes and then rinse. Leave it for more time if it doesnot work in 5 minutes, However, do condition your hair afterwards and it doesnot work on blonde bleached hair.
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If it is temporary hair dye that washes out you do not need to bleach it!

Here are a few tips to help fade the color faster;

Wash, wash wash! The more you wash the more you fade, this works best in the first 24 hours after coloring.

Hot oil treatments, clarifying shampoo or dandruff shampoo can help fade color faster. Use hot water to wash & rinse.

Hope this helps!
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Wash it and wash it and wash it as much as you can it will fade more with each wash
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Mix baking soda in with your shampoo. Wash it over and over and it will help your hair color fade. It worked for me! (and I had blue hair streaks!)

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