How Do I Dye My Skin Permanently?


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It is not possible to dye your skin permanently. However you may dye parts of the skin with tattoos. It would be an extremely long and painful process to have tattoos to cover your body to the extent that your whole skin is a different color.

If you are looking to add an overall natural-looking color to your skin, you will have to use non permanent products. Some of these, however, can last for a week or more. Fake tan moisturizers can be found in most health and beauty stores and when they are used often, they add a gradual tanned look to your skin and at the same time keeps it smooth and stops it from drying out. Another option for a semi-permanent colour on your skin would be to have a spray tan done professionally at a salon. These usually last about 5-10 days and give your whole body a new color that is perfectly safe and, in most cases, natural looking. Sunbeds are used by some people to get the same effect as fake tan but these are highly dangerous and not recommended. The high level of UV rays used on your body can cause, over time, early aging to the skin. They can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer. There are other side effects such as dry, itchy skin or a rash, eye infections and burnt or peeling skin. It would be much safer to use a fake tan product, which will give you a similar color if used regularly.

If you wanted to add an unnatural color to your skin you can try using long lasting make up, such as Dura found at This semi-perminant make up is available in a variety of colors and is often used for body art and make up effects. It is safe for the skin and can give you an exciting change to your normal skin tone.

Rather than permanently wanting to dye your skin there are so many options for you to try different colors and tones to see which you like best.

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