I'm suffering from hypothyroid and hair loss.. Will My Hair Grow Back?


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If you eat a diet rich in proteins and nutrients your hair would surely grow back. Use herbal products for its care. You can also go for hair transplantation if you want quick and effective results. 
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Ultimately, if thyroid treatment, drugs, and supplements do not resolve your hair loss, and it is a debilitating problem, you may want to consider other options.

A hair weave, which adds artificial hair to existing hair.

Hairpieces and falls (that can be attached under natural hair, or via combs) for additional fullness and styling options, or wigs.

Could You Have Alopecia?

Hope this helps.

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Hi! I have the same disease. I have a metabolic disorder. Thyroid hormone levels determine the length of the hair growth cycle, so hair falls out and new hair grows in its place. I am taking hormones. I was told that in 4-5 months my hair would grow back. Until then, I'm wearing a wig. I chose for a long time, read a lot of information. I bought myself a lace wig from natural hair. They matched it to my hair color. It is very good and of high quality.

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