How Do You Spike Hair?


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Spiking hair is quite easy. First you need to cut your hair according to that. Go to your local barber shop and request him for a spike cut. After the hair cut is done, get hold of some hair gel or hair mousse. You can also use hair cream in these situations. Take some gel or mousse in the palm of your hand, and rub it on both hands. Apply it to your hair, as your would apply shampoo. Style it accordingly you want. The hair gel will make the hair hard and it will stay that way for hours. You can use extra hard gel for a harder look. There are many gels available in the market according to the kind of style you are looking for. Gel easily comes off with water. It is not recommended to use hair gel everyday as it may damage the quality of the hair.
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Put gel or mousse or whatever product you use in your hand. Apply it to your hair and brush it up and try to spike the hair up.

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