Can You Get Brain Damaged By Pulling Your Hair


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Your hair follicles might slow down the growth if the hair is coming out but I'm not brain damaged and my brothers pulled my hair a lot as a child.  On the flip side if the hair however is yanked really, really hard you could end up with a neck injury.
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Of course you can't get braindamage. How? It won't rip your bones off and get your brains out. Or do you mean by shaking the head while pulling the hair. I don't think that's really damaging either.. To small children it might.
It could damage you skin when yanked really hard and like tamsw said get a neck injury.
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Caution: You have now entered the offical legally defined offense of the "Shakened Baby"
Brain Damage condition.

See, it flew right under your nose & the radar, the key to all this discussion, is the concept of the micro/mini size of the little little hair root diameter and it's extraordinary strength under tensile pressure, please believe me when I tell you, it can happen to you. Just look to the thirty year old saga of "The Eggplant that Ate Chicago, it could happen to your city, too!"
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No but your hair can grow slower
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Hi mathcrazy1,

If you could get brain damage just by having your hair pulled, we'd be an even more pathetic society, wouldn't we?

Well now,just a minute, that might explain some of the politicians ... Nah, that would be too simple. LOL

Happy holidays!!
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On rare occasions, where persistent & continual manual or mechanical extraction of healthy growing individual hair strains occurs, those of the blonde persuasion especially noted, had been successful removed thus creating a minute opening both through the scalp covering skin matter and the bony skull structure, two distinct and disturbing conditions occurred on an ongoing basis and with strikingly similar negative consequences as described below:
1.) The so-called gray matter, aka the brains, slowly but
surely do 'leak'/escape by means of that tiny little hole in
the skull region, to the point where normal conversation
became endless & without good grammar. It is tragic!

2.) Also documented profusely were the eleven cases, where
in the real time the individual hair strand was so tightly
entwined with functioning live brain cell contexts that
instaneously IQ points were literary observed leaving the
cranium. No, I will not either offend you with the details or
release the very names of each of your in-laws to which
this has occurred most recently. Maybe a hint, it maybe
someone close to and/or connected to your wife, maybe
through her mother and just maybe be a male offspring.
I am not saying that that is the actual case but his wife
does not talk to her sister in law, could be your wife, well not
since that time they got drunk and wissed on the
petunias, yes right to the left of the front door!

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