Can Beauty Get You Further In Life Than Brains?


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I want to say NO, but the way that the world is going.... Hmmm... Let's see... Yeah that's all you really have to do is look around... Sorry for being so vague but I don't want to get myself on this head trip again... Lol!
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It won't do that if you are an online worker, or on line applying for a job, but when you come to a face to face meeting, that might change depending on how you look. But in a fast paced business, they might only want someone who can power sell or stuff in that line. For something secretarial that would or could be totally different, a greeter for the business, someone to make the customers happy to talk to, and that kind of stuff. All in all, it would depend on the type of job you are looking at and for. Hope this helps.
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Brittany Bigelow
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Tiggersmom sure knows how to cover those bases :)
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you very much.
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Unfortunately I think the answer is yes. Someone more attractive (and/or younger - that helps too) with less experience or knowledge will often go farther than a smarter, more experienced, but less attractive person. Helps to be a good dresser too.
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No it can not, perhaps it can get some guy further down your pants, or you further down a career, but ultimately it is not worth the reason a brain especially a good one can handle.

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