How Do We Get Brain Damage From Pulling Hair?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Don’t be silly – you can’t get brain damage from pulling your hair!

Your brain and your hair follicles are separated by your skull, so when you pull your hair, the most you’ll do is damage the hair follicle.

If you keep doing this, your hair might stop growing back so fast – or even at all – but you won’t get brain damage!

What Can Cause Brain Damage?
  • Illnesses
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Strokes, aneurysms and brain surgery
  • Head injuries or traumas
  • Shortage of oxygen – being suffocated or choked, or nearly drowning
  • Adverse effects of medical treatment
As you can see, hair-pulling isn’t on that list!

There’s actually a medical condition called trichotillomania, though - where people will repeatedly pull and twist on their hair until it falls out.

People with this disorder usually suffer from anxiety, depression or OCD, but they don’t end up with brain damage!
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Steven Vakula answered
It could be, if you were in a fight and the other person punched you out as the hair you were pulling was theirs!

Other than that I would assume if this were true then all people who lose hair are also suffering brain damage! I never knew that hair and brains were related.

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