Can You Get Lice If You Have Dyed Your Hair?


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Reno Greer Profile
Reno Greer answered
Yes, anyone can get lice, no matter whether your hair is colored, permed, or virgin hair.
Martin Garret Profile
Martin Garret answered

I suppose you can. I don't think it really depends on the quality of your hair and on the head skin. But I also think that kids are more likely to get lice. Maybe it is connected with their lifestyle. They touch and communicate with animals and other kids. But some adults can not notice this problem. You can read about how do I know if I have lice.

natalie johnson Profile
natalie johnson answered
Just because you have dyed your hair does not mean that you won't get lice. Why would you think that?
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Anonymous answered
I actually had a beautician tell me that you cannot.  Doesn't make sense to me.

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