Can you give me an idea of belly button piercing prices?


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Here in the UK you can expect to pay around £25-35 (that's about $35-45 I think).

You probably don't want to pay much less than that because god knows what kinda money-saving tricks the studio might be using to keep the prices lower than that..

If you want to avoid wasting money, say no to any of those bacterial soaps or other products they might try and sell you for aftercare.

Good old fashioned hot water and sea salt mixture will do the trick instead. Wash regular, pat it dry and keep it clean and you'll be fine.

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I'm from the US and got mine done by a reputable piercer (not saying anyone else's isn't). F

or the piercing and a ring it was $40. For the piercing and a barbell it was $60. 

For the piercing and a barbell with a big gem in the bottom it was $80. 

Hope this helps!

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