How Do You Pierce Your Own Ears?!


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Ok well first of don't use a needle because you get nervous and your hands get sweaty and the needle starts to slip.  Trust me I know from experience so the way I done it was I rubbed the place I am piercing with alcohol I used like a thumbtack the kind with the long plastic part... I sterilized the thumbtack with fire and then stuck it in alcohol, then I numbed my ear with ice and I got the thumbtack and stuck it through my ear you have to do it fast the back part of your ear is the hardest to get through. Then when I finally got the thumbtack through completely you leave it in for about a minute. Then make sure you have the earring ready... Take out the thumbtack and then put in the earring... Leave the same earring in for about 2 weeks and everyday about 3 times a day twist your earring and mine hasn't been infected yet...

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I know this isn't going to answer your question at all but you should really have your ears professionally pierced. Go to a tatoo place, or claires, or sometimes jewelry stands at malls pierce ears. Its only about $20 and is almost guaranteed to be clean and safe.  My friend pierced her own belly button because she didnt want her mom to know about it and it ended up getting VERY infected and she eventually had to tell her mom and see a doctor for help. So my advice is, don't DON IT YOURSELF!! I actually got my ears pierced by my doctor because my parents like to be very safe about stuff. Most doctors will pierce ears so ask yours.

But if you're not acutally going to pierce your own or somebody else's ears, if you're just curious here is what I've heard. First you ice your ears so they are COMPLETELYYYY numb. Then mark the spot with sharpie marker. Then put a pear slice in the back of your ears. Stick the needle through your ear until it gets stuck into the pear. Then I guess you just put the earring in...somehow?? I don't exactly knoww. Sorry!!

I know this is probably NO help what-so-ever but just don't pierce your ears by yourself. Stay safe hun!!
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If you have the heart for it
1.. Sterilize the earlobe with alcohol and cotton.
2..Make sure you soak the needle and earring in rubbing alcohol.
3.. Ice the earlobe you want tp until it's practically frozen the needle to the earlobe and press through earring in hole
6..VERY Important! Keep the ear / earring cleaned  with alcohol..3 times a day at least and please please please
do not change the earring until you're healed first.
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I really don't recommend to pierce you're ears by yourself because you can get really bad infections! I know that you want to, but it is best that you get a professional or your doctor to do it. And if you deiced to do it yourself be careful and  and make sure sterilize it. Good luck:D
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1)You sterilize the needle for about 15 minutes
2)Put ice on your ear for 5 minutes or as long as it takes to numb it
3)Put something hard on the back of the ear like a potato slice or apple so you can poke it through so your not pushing the ear lob
4)Try and go as fast as you can when you poke the needle
5)Leave the needle in for about 10-15 minutes.
6)The put in the earing
7)Do the same thing to the other ear
Buy a brand new needle boil and sterlize, after removing needle from boiling water, make sure you've already purchase what ear ring you wish too wear, sterlize as well. Place needle in hand use a lighter and burn tip. Place ear and pierce quickly. Clean ear with acohol wait till blood clot, stop bleeding and insert earing.
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The needle needs to be sterilized. You can do so by burning it or using a special chemical. Google it
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I pierced my own ears with a "piercing earring"! No infection! I got the ear treatment stuff right at walmart. No switching pin to earring. I did it with no ice..just a couple
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You can buy a piercing gun at a walmart store in the jewelry section for about ten dollars.
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I put some ice on it, then jammed a threaded nail all the way through my ear then just slipped in the ear ring
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It's much more safer to get with a doctor. I pierced my 2 ears when I was a baby, with a doctor's help. If you really want to do it by yourself, you can try to google the answers or listen to some of these people.

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