Can You Die From Getting A Tattoo?


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If the artist cuts the skin while shaving the customer (if that's necessary),
or if the tattoo needle is tainted with someone else's blood
(which shouldn't happen, unless the tattoo artist is a hack,
or if he/she punctures a zit or scab and doesn't clean the needle, immediately)
or is otherwise contaminated due to poor sterilization via airborne bacteria,
or if the manufacturer's inks are contaminated (also, highly unlikely),
or if the customer doesn't follow the artist's instructions after getting a tattoo,
which could lead to infection,
or if it turns out that the customer is severely allergic
to either the needle or inks (again, highly improbable),
then, yes, a tattooed individual could get sick and die from getting a tattoo,
but, you are far more likely to die from an untreated cold
or getting into a car crash while texting.

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Billy Price answered
If you did, you would be the first person that I ever heard of that did.
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tracy deines answered
The only way would be if you get an infection that works its way into the bloodstream. You would be very ill and I'm sure you'd get to the hospital before it caused death

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