How To Care For Your New Tattoo?


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Tattoo Aftercare

After you're all done getting your tattoo...

B Leave the bandage on for approximately 2 to 6 hours (depending on how much of a bleeder you are). If you are going to bed within that time frame just leave it on while you sleep (this will definitely save your sheets).
Note: 2 to 6 hours is really not that long. Please refrain from removing the bandage and showing it off until this time has passed... I promise you'll have the rest of your life to show it off... : )
B After allotted time has passed, remove the bandage.
Note: Be careful. Don't pull the bandage off too quickly. If the bandage seems to be sticking to your skin, even a little, simply run it under warm water allowing the bandage to fall off.
B Gently wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.
B Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Note: The shower or sink are both sufficient for washing your tattoo as long as you do not have the water pressure high.
B Gently pat dry with clean towel or white paper towel.
B Apply a very small amount of lotion (Lubriderm or its generic form are what I suggest but basically any non-oily lotion containing no fragrances or dyes will do fine).
Note: Do not use; Vaseline, oils, any greasy substance/ointment, or anything with cortisone. (Oils block your skin from contact with the air, inhibiting healing and on occasion causing infection to begin).
B Make sure you gently but, completely rub the lotion in.
Note: The lotion is to keep the tattoo from drying out. It should not be wet. You simply want to prevent it from cracking.
B Leave it alone.

There are 3 things to remember about caring for your new tattoo:
#1 - Lightly Moisturize
#2 – Do NOT Over-Moisturize
#3 – Do NOT Pick Your Scabs!
General Care
B Avoid chlorine pools, salt-water, extended periods of time in water, direct sunlight, and any type of rough treatment to your new tattoo for a minimum of 2 weeks.
B Once healed ALWAYS USE SUNBLOCK on your tattoo, no matter how long you've had it.
B When showering; make sure to wash your tattoo last. (It's pointless to wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial soap to get it nice, clean, & germ free to then wash your hair letting shampoo run all in it right after.)
B After your tattoo is completely healed a sun-block of spf30 or higher is required when exposed to ultraviolet light (the sun, tanning beds, etc.) ... And yes I know I already said this... : )
B Keep your tattoo fresh and open to the air.
B Do not bandage or cover with plastic wrap.
B Do not pick at or scratch scabs or peeling skin.
B Do not scrub or soak until completely healed (usually a week or two).

Remember, #1 -Lightly Moisturize, #2 -Do not Over-Moisturize, and #3 – Do not Pick your Scabs!

Your tattoo was applied with sterile equipment & procedure, and non-toxic pigments. I guarantee my workmanship; however, healing and caring of your tattoo is your responsibility.
Call your artist if you have questions...

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A tattoo basically is a mark created by adding pigment into the skin, in scientific terms, tattooing is dermal pigmentation. Tattoos can be created on human as well as animal skin. Tattoos created on humans are mainly there for body modification, while tattoos on animals are often used for recognition purpose.

Newly created tattoos require a lot of care; you will have to avoid applying water to the sections where you have created a tattoo, as coming in contact with water will make that section burn a lot. It will also cause an itching sense after coming in contact with water. If the tattoo has been done on your back, avoid sleeping on your back because it will cause skin irritation. Normally tattoos are painful only while being created.
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I have a tattoo and it is normally best to keep it clean and dry. When I had mine I was told to put Vaseline on it and keep it covered but that makes it sticky and it doesn't heal properly so just keep it dry -  it will heal a lot better then and don't pick it either.
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Basically the Tattoo must not be covered with a bandage after 1-2 hours of getting it. Wash it with soap and water immediately and thereon after every 3-4 hours each day. Put nothing on the tattoo for 3 days. After that you can use mild creams to moisturize it but no bandage. Prevent it from getting wet and that is the time you can use bandage.
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I just got my first tattoo done recently and I was very careful about how to care about it. The guy told me to use wash it with hot water and a generic soap, let it dry and the apply vaseline and wrap it in plastic at the end. He said to do it for three days and then after that just apply lotion as frequently as you can.
I told him that a lot of people have told me not to use plastic. He said that it should be done for the first three days just to let any potential wounds to patch up so that airborne bacteria does not enter. He had some amazing tattoos that were really vivid in colors so I assume it worked out for him.

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