What Is Your Defined Idea Of Beauty? Physical Appearance Or Personality? For This Question You Can't Choose Both.


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I'd have to go for personality for a couple reasons. The most basic is what comedian Ron White said once... Basically it goes something like  - "If your nose breaks you can fix it, your breasts sag they can be hoisted up again but if your born stupid there is not a cure in the world for that" LOL and I see what he's saying for the most part. We all age with time, but you need to have someone you can be around. Someone who doesn't drive you insane :)
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Combination of qualities, such as shape,color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses,such as smell,sight,sound,and touch.Smell,because you need to smell good.Sound,because you need to sound beautiful.Sight,because you need to look pretty,and touch because you need to be smooth.
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Burt Lingham
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But suppose a person was all of those things but cold and self centred as a 'Human Being' ? Many beautiful people are very vain, which makes them rather shallow.
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Definitely personality. If a person is beautiful on the inside that's all that counts :)
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Yeah i agree.... Looks aren't everything.... I
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That must be very reasuring for a lot of guys. When I was young I always thought the oposite and it prevented me having a lot of fun with the girls.
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I think personality is the real catch behind beauty. If you are nice and great soul it will start reflecting in your physical appearance as well. So personality is prime and physical appearance is secondary to it.
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When I say someone is beautiful I mean that they are very good looking.  But in my opinion, even a stunningly beautiful person can be very unattractive if they have a bad personality.  So being beautiful doesn't impress me much, but being attractive does.  Because to me "attractive" means a person has a personality that draws me in regardless of what they look like.
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I would much rather have the company of an
ugly person with a beautiful personality than
a beautiful person with an ugly personality.
After all, a...less-than-comely person can't change
that aspect of their Self.   However, the reverse
can't say that.  One Can't change one's looks, but
one Can change one's personality.  I would much
rather be with someone who silently says 'welcome,
friend' than one that just as silently...and sometimes,
not at all silently...'you can't touch this'.
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Burt Lingham
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Beautifully put my friend. Thanks
Jewelly A. Shetka
Thank you. I learned that one in my Freshman year in high school.
Freshman were looked down on by the higher grades ,in general
and I suppose I made things worse because I didn't consider
myself a sheep. I didn't flock around the Homecoming Queen
or the leader of the cheerleader squad. I was pretty much a loner
(had one BF and a couple I'd eat lunch with) and went my own way.
I may have been a Freshman that year, but I ended up dating a Senior.
The upper ranks were horrified. :~)
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I'd rather have a friend who can be good in the inside of him: Truthful, kind, confident,etc. I prefer that kind of person. But if I want to have a lover, he's gotta be beautiful in the inside and in the outside. Also, I'd like to be a lover of someone who is handsome, hardworker and with good manners and superior behaviour.
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Burt Lingham
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WOW! Farissifd . Can any of us hope for a lover who can be beautiful on the inside and the outside? I think that most of us have to settle for some what less. Sadly! Good Luck my friend.
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Real Beauty and personality is from the heart,your character/heart defines your beauty/
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Burt Lingham
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What more can I add? Thanks so much Memichelle.
Michelle Grant
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Don't mention it ,partner!
Ady Mat
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You have rightly said knowingly unknowingly I don't know. If a person's heart is pure and innocent than it will definitely show up on his face and body language. For example innocent creatures, saints etc. Have all different face looks from a evil guy.
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" When a person possesses inner beauty it magnifies their outer beauty.
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Well, beauty is a big word consisting of both the aspects in it. It doesn't mean what it is as par the definition but it's in the eye of the people and what the find beauty as. By that I mean everybody has a different way of concieving the term beauty. Well, if you are asking me then I'll say that beauty to me is the inner soul, the person from the inside. Outer look is just a shell that's keeping the inner soul within. To some beauty means how a person looks well, that's not my concept of it.
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Lack of a gag reflex :-p
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Naughty naughty. Lmao!
Hungry Guy
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@Autoyota - Couth is overrated. And I'm swallowing a miniature woman alive who's been skrunken with a modified transporter device that can vary the size upon materialization.
Burt Lingham
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Thanks Moley. It's so true about looks. But our feelings, emotions and inner truths remain with us until the end of time.
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Personality i choose ,because includes inner beauty.
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In my view, pretty women who are taller than I am.  So, in that sense, physical appearance.
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Burt Lingham
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I can see where you might be coming from. Let's hope 'she' turns out to have a beautiful personality as well my friend.
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Looks are great but Personality counts for everything about the person I say...and yes it would be nice to be physically attracted though but personality comes first.
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Most definitely personality ... External beauty is fine but if the person is high maintenence , etc , forgfet it .. Want someone to make me laugh
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Society, as a general rule,  thinks of beauty as the outward appearance of a person.  I am proud to be associated with those of you here on Blurtit that can see beyond looks into the inner person.  A beautiful person in the eyes of society can be a horror story when you get beyond the make-up and clothes and hairstyle. It is a shame when so many truly beautiful people live a life of loneliness because they lack the confidence to show their true value and beauty simply because of some preconceived idea that society finds them ugly.  Each of us is beautiful in our own way.  Each of us has value and something to contribute.  God did not make any discards.
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Nanat. You deserve the gold medal for your reply. I do hope everybody takes the time and the trouble to inwardly digest your wisdom. Thank you so much for your reply.
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Personality will get me every time. Tolerant and patient kind with a Sense of humour too.Thats a must.
Looks have never been that important to me. They will fade with time anyway.
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Personality!! An outwardly beautiful person can be really ugly. You take a real beauty and add ego or selfishness, soon no one noticed the outer beauty. However, you take a plain looking person and add warmth, compassion and comfort, anyone who really knows the person, sees only true beauty :D     kinda like me!!!
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I never see beauty is physical appearance, I see beauty in the mentality . Physical appearance is not permanent, mentality is permanent.
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The question is unanswerable. If a persons  personality is perfect in your eyes and they however are physically repulsive in your eyes, the concept of beauty could never  be considered by you.One beautiful part negated by the repulsive part. The reverse is also true, therefore the can be debated as long as you like but each person in general would feel that beauty is a mixture of both.
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I think both because someone can really be pretty on the outside and no doubt they are beautiful but you can also have an amazing personality so id say both defiantly

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