Can You Get A Tattoo On Your Tongue?


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It is certainly possible for the tongue to be tattooed, although it is not a popular place for a tattoo. More commonly, the inside of the bottom lip is tattooed for those looking for a tattoo in their mouth.

Here is a video of someone getting their tongue tattooed - this should give you some idea of how painful it looks and what the results of the tattoo are

This link will take you to a website with various pictures of tattoos on the tongue Note, on the second link you will have to scroll halfway down the page to find the tongue tattoos.

  • Caution must be taken
The tongue, and the mouth in general, tends to host a greater amount of bacteria than the surface of your skin (and the skin's typical tattooed areas) and it may be that the mouth is more susceptible to infection when skin or flesh becomes broken. For this reason, the decision for a tattoo on your tongue should not be taken lightly as infection is more likely in the mouth than it would be with a traditional tattoo.

There is also a risk that you will lose the ability to taste, either temporarily or permanently, on the area that has been tattooed as the taste buds will be damaged as a result of the tattooing.

  • It may not be permanent
The cells in your mouth have a greater ability to regenerate when compared with other areas of the body. As a result of this it may be that a tattoo on your tongue or on the inside of your mouth is not actually permanent. The constant use and friction in your mouth will also cause the tattoo to fade or rub away after a varying amount of time.
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It actually is possible. But now and days tongue tattooing means a lot of different things. Like splitting your tongue or even piercing it.  But yes it is very possible to get a tattoo on your tongue.
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Yes you can..depending on where you go..its the same as piercings tho..if your veins are too promenant they wont d a piercing.
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Sure you can my teacher has many tattoos one on her tongue
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I don't think so. It would be impossible to heal
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Allassandra Hayes
Ur tongue bleeds more but heals quicker than most of your body as your salive acts as an antibacterial coating and is constantly cleaning the wound
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Why would you want to get a tattoo on your tongue???? Why would you want anyone putting a pointee thing down your month??? Get it on your back, arms, legs like everyone eles. The ink will make your breath smell.

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