There Is A Home Made Formula For Removing Tattoos That Contains Honey And Brown Sugar. Does Anyone Know What The Other Ingredients Are?


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Take lemon juice and rub hard onto the surface 2 - 3 times a works trust me...
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Wait for a Hot Sunny day, at least 85* degrees or more, grab a chair and have a seat. First take some baby oil and apply it on the tattoo area massaging it for at least a good minute, then grab some plastic saran wrap and wrap it around your whole tattoo area and sit with the tattoo facing the sun, have patience and wait until the tattoo area begins to sweat, with UV light the tattoo will slowly begin to swell due to suffocation of the skin and a lot of sweat under the saran wrap, if you continue this process at high temperatures the tattoo will slowly begin to bleed the ink out of the pores, but remember only sun uv rays make this happen, be patient and it will remove it. Just don't stay in the sun for too long and repeat every 2 or 3 days for about a half hour. Good luck...
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Hey shortstack!
I have seen a number of people consulting the doctors about tattoo removal from sugar paste and honey and they are always forbidden for this. There are a number of other home remedies which you can apply and I am giving you the link where you can watch the easiest tattoo removal tip.
Home tattoo removal

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Use Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover. This product removes ink from just about everything, even from fabric. It removed permanent magic marker for me...the marker fell right off like melted butter

Spray Krud Kutter onto the ink and wipe with a soft cloth. It should come right off. After removing the ink, clean the spot with a little HE liquid laundry detergent and water. (Just a little HE detergent). Then wipe well with wet cloths to rinse.

You can buy Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover at Home Depot and most hardware stores. I suggest  you Natural home remedies through this you get more results about herbal remedies .

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Unfortunately, I have never heard of any such home made formula for Tattoo removal and even if there is one, it wont work at all. The thing is Tattoo is a skin deep and permanent thing, it cannot be undone just with some home formula. Each and every process for tattoo removal involves some or other skin removal method. Some are very painful others like laser are safe and not painful. I would advise you not to try anything at home, this could cause you to damage your skin forever. It would be best if you can manage to get it done through laser surgery.

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