Is It Ok For My Tattoo To Feel Dry And Flaky?


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I agree with Renebo.  I have a few tattoos and I am a medical assistant.  I think mine peeled for a month or so.  Then it felt bumpy for about the first year or so.  As long as you are not bleeding you should be ok.  If you are still concerned see the person who gave it to you or your doctor.  If it starts to peel or bleed keep it covered up so it don't get infected, but is should not bleed.  I would say try a vaseline maybe instead of lotion on it.  Also, after the first year tattoos can start to fade a little.  Good luck I hope this helps a bit.  I am sure you are ok.  Take are.
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That tends to happen if you don't use lotion often enough.
If you do use lotion and it doesn't help you should ask the person that did your tattoo.
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That depends, did you just get it done? If so than absolutely, it is going to flake and peel a little because I mean it is kinda like a scab falling off as it heals. To help with the dryness and itching (don't scratch it just pat it) use A&D ointment.
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I just got my first tattoo done on March 11, 2010. Its on my shoulder, it looks dry and crusty what should I put on it? It feels like a bad sunburn..... It doesn't itch too bad but it looks disgusting :( please help!!

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