My Tattoo Is Red And Feels Like It's On Fire. It's 2 Days Old. What Should I Do?


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I used Aveeno Daily Moisturizing cream to heal my tattoos I have 3, one which is a whole upper back piece, this tattoo healed great with the Aveeno, I just got one done 3 days ago on my upper thigh and have been using the Aveeno, it feels tight, and warm to touch, it's also really red, its normal, especially if its done in an area that will rub up against your clothes, here I am in december wearing shorts everywhere to avoid rubbing the jeans on it also need to make sure that you are not washing it too much or with water that's too hot. If you ooze green or yellow then you should see a Dr. Immediately for infection treatment. But the redness and "fever-like" hotness is normal...let your body heal the tattoo as it does best..depending on the size it should take a week or two to see progress.. :) Good luck! Hope all turns out well!
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Do NOT put salt or salt water on your tattoo... I am a tattoo artist and would strongly suggest that you leave the tattoo alone. It is normal to experience a little redness and swelling, but if it looks like there may be something wrong you should go back to the shop and have the artist who did the work look at it. If you think that you might have an infection... Go to the doctors and let them treat it. You should never put antibiotics or any type of disinfectant on a tattoo... It can make your body push the ink out, and cause your skin to scab. Salt is a horrible idea... It will both irritate and dry out the tattoo... Two things you should avoid. The only thing you should be applying to a fresh tattoo is special goo the artist gives you, or unscented chemical free lotion.
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Yes thats normal to feel like that all mine have felt like that ive been getting tattooed for 30yrs put a good hand lotion on it with no alcohol or perfumes
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I can't believe someone suggested salt !!! Are you crazy, your body is a great healer, unless you have any green yellow puss coming out of it or it looks like its eating into your flesh just leave it alone!!
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If it got really red immediately after the tattoo, the artist may have used too strong of a mixture of the green soap that is almost always used. Green soap comes in concentrate only and has to be mixed. If it is too strong, it can really irritate the skin. Just keep up with normal after care. You may be a little more sore and red for quite a while longer than normal but it will eventually heal as normal.
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It is only 2 days old. It has got inflammation. Take some antibiotic to treat this infection and inflammation for 5 days. Within next 5 days you will be OK.
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I got my tattoo done lastnight on my arm I have a couple other tattoo's on my arm but this one feels hot and is still red is this normal and if so what could I put on it?
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In the meantime dab with cooled boiled water and salt, don't put the salt directly on it ouch! Dissolve in the boiled water. I was always told to use savalon. But if it doesn't clear up, go back to the dr in case they used a dirty needle.

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