Not Sure Why My Face Suddenly Feels Itchy Burning And Flaky. I Stopped Using The Moisturizer I've Been Using For A Year But My Skin Is Still Burning Itchy. This Is The First Time It Happened To Me. Any Suggestions?


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I'm allergic to sure, it inflames my skin and right guard
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Well it might be possible that you are facing some stomach problem now, which was never before. Because face problems are usually related to the stomach. It can also be possible that you have some allergy, because of which you are facing this problem.
There can be the reason that, you have eaten something which is very spicy and your stomach is not able to digest it and now reacting. As a result your face is facing problem.
For its cure, at home you should wash your face frequently with cold water.

Also wash with rose water and then again clean with pure cold water. Keep away from spicy things and also from any cream. Don't use any moisturizer, it might be possible that you have bought the new tube of that moisturizer of the same brand which you has used for so many times, but might be possible that this tube was fake and that's why your face having problem.
If problem persist for so much time then consult to any best skin specialist. He will must do something for your face.

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