If A Tattoo Gets Infected, What Can You Use To Clean It?


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If you have any green or yellow scabbing and it's hot to touch, then it probably is infected.Keep it clean and keep it covered with a triple antibiotic ointment. Make sure that you don't have a fever and the reddened area doesn't spread, if it does you need to see a doctor.
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It is not out of the ordinary for you to develop a scab and it doesn't mean that it is infected. If it has puss or a fair amount of discharge, then it may be. Here's a link to tattoo aftercare. There is lots of helpful information for you to checkout.
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If you have proof that your tattoo has been infected then use a topical ointment such as Bacitracin, A&D Ointment or Neosporin on the site as may be directed by your doctor. Please your tattoo artist who have lots of experience with infection of that kind and never use any form of triple anti-biotic ointment on a tattoo unless directed by a physician. These have been known to have a severe effect on the healing process. For more info regarding the healing of tattoos, please visit FAQ page at
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It means your skin has been irritated by bunches of needles going in & out of it!  Seriously, that is usually normal, use a triple antibiotic ointment  on it, keep it clean.  If the redness spreads, or you get a fever ,then you need to see a doctor because it could be an infection. Hope it's a nice tattoo, you didn't tell us what it is:)
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My husband recommends A & D ointment, which is generally used for diaper rash., it is really just a skin protectant, but will not pull the ink out as I have heard using triple antibiotic ointment can. I have a week and a half old tattoo across the middle of my back that stayed red for about 4 days, but did not hurt until one of my boys would try crawling up my back and hit it. It is completely normal.
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Make sure you keep it clean and apply triple antibiotic ointment. If it swells, gets hot to touch has discharge, have a fever or the redness spreads then you need to see a doctor. Best wishes
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I think perhaps inflammation of the skin,don't wash,try some A & D ointment.

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