Can I Use Triple Antibiotic Ointment On New Tattoo?


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No, you must not use a triple antibiotic ointment on tattoos. You can use an antibiotic ointment but you shouldn't use the triple variety because it may damage the skin more.

  • Why treat a new tattoo?
It is very important that you take care of a new tattoo because refraining from treating the artwork properly could cause problems with your skin. In addition, there is a chance that the color may fade if it is not cared for, and the risks of getting an infection increase when it is neglected.

  • How to treat a new tattoo
As mentioned above you can use an antibiotic treatment to apply on the tattoo but you must not put too much over it. Simply put a thin layer above the artwork very soon after the tattoo has been inked on because it will keep the tattoo from scarring as well as becoming infected and drying out. In most cases the tattoo artist will put the ointment on before you leave the tattoo parlor.

  • Keep it covered
It is important that you keep the tattoo covered for 2 hours to help heal the initial effects of the artwork on your skin. Do this by placing a bandage over the area so the ink or any blood will not stain any of your clothes. When the time comes to remove the bandage you may notice some blood or some liquid that has been left by the tattoo but this is relatively normal.

  • Reapply ointment
You will need to reapply another thin layer of ointment after any excess residue has stopped excreting from the tattoo. When you wash the area you should specifically carefully remove any dried blood and check this before and after you go to bed.
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I used: VITACILINA neomycin sulfate ointment, first aid antibiotic. I think you should use it every time after taking a bath, at list twice a day,cause that's the idea to keep it from getting an infection.
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When I got my first tattoo, I used bestirring, and didn't have any problems.  Use a thin layer.
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Don't glob it on. Neosporin is preferred for a day or two and then your regular non perfumed body lotion will work fine, in very thin layers and no scratching.

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