What Is The Process For UV Gel Salon Nails?


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Arun Raj answered
One should apply a slight coat of gel over the nail plate starting from the centre and moving the gel towards the cuticle area. While you are applying, make sure that the hairs on your brush do not spread out. If the brush hairs are fanning out, it is possible that you are exerting too much pressure and you may not have enough gel to be applied on the nail plate. If this happens, you should again apply a thin stroke of gel coating with less pressure. The entire plate should be covered with an even spread of gel. You need to keep your nails under the presence of ultraviolet light for a total of 3 minutes to cure the gel entirely. There is a whole set of exhaustive information about UV gel application given with clarity in www.hooked-on-nails.comuvgel.html

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