How Do You Make A Handkerchief Shirt?


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I made a dress out of two large handkerchiefs.  I use two corners to cover the bust, then began sewing about six inches from the corner (using the top six inches as the neckline) and sewed to the end of that edge.  I used a ribbon to tie it around my neck like a halter, then held it together in the back to see how deep I wanted the back.  After I took it off, I pinned there and again sewed to the end of that side.  It makes a great dress, and with the use of smaller (about 24" square) hankies, a great shirt.
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You can make a handkerchief shirt out of a simple shirt. The process that you will have to follow is to take a shirt that you already possess and then you will have to take a good number of handkerchiefs also. You can increase the number of handkerchiefs too by cutting them with the help of scissors. When you have a good numbers of handkerchiefs with you, you can start the process of making of shirt.

You should take a needle and then sew the handkerchief on the shirt at various places. The areas you can choose yourself in accordance with your choice and after the completion, you will find that you have got the look that many people on earth crave for. So wear the shirt and enjoy the look.
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I am in the process of making a handkerchief shirt right now. All you have to do is to take two very large handkerchiefs; put them together with the back sides facing out, measure a hole big enough for your head, mark the edges of the "neck hole" where you should sew. Then, sew the top edges about 1/4 inch from the edge on either side of the "neck hole" to the edge of the handkerchief. Next, measure a space from the top of the handkerchief that is big enough for your arm to go through on either side. You may want to pin this and try it on to ensure the holes are big enough. Then, sew from that point down to the bottom of the handkerchiefs. There you go, a handkerchief shirt. You can and pleats and stuff to make it more fitted if you would like to though; that's what I do. :) Enjoy!

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