Do Eyelashes Grow?


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Yes, they do grow.  You can lose your eyelashes completely (in an accident) and they will grow back within 1-2 months.
But like the rest of the hair on our bodies they have their own internal preset length at which they start falling out.   So they grow so long, fall out, and then new ones grow.  That's why some people can't grow long hair on their heads, and why some folk have long eyelashes and others only get short stubby eyelashes.  Relatively long eyelashes would be about 2cm long, relatively short ones might only be 5-7 mm or so.  

Interestingly, people with certain congenital and nervous system abnormalities seem most likely to have the longest eye lashes; mothers of autistic children often comment on this aspect of their children's eyes.  Nobody knows why this should be.

Eyelashes grow at a rate of about 1 cm every 2-4 weeks.  This is a bit faster, on average, than hair growth rate on our heads.
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maria makris
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my brother is Autistic and his eyelashes are about 1.5cm long
I don't wanna say.....  =/
Does that mean that my baby brother w/ super long eyelasheds, is ganna be autistic? I think my brother's is 2 inch long. Thats 2 bad =[
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Yes, they do grow back. But they usually have fixed length, coz they fall out in a couple of months.
Last summer, my niece cut her eyelashes with a scissors. We were laughing at her, but in few months, they were back normal again & we forgot the story:)
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As a joke a friend cut my eyelashes whilst I was asleep. It has left me traumatised. It is nice to know that they grow back. Thank you.
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They do grow, but not continuously, like the hair on your head. They stop at a pre-determined length (genetics decide the length), similarly to your eyebrows. Like all hair on any part of your body, lashes need to shed. They don't all come out in a clump, but a few pieces at a time, and as soon as they do, they start to replace themselves right away.
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Yes, but depending on your diet they may seem to never grow without stimulation from a lash-grow product. I noticed how beautiful a guy's thick lashes were and how uniquely attractive he looked. Years later I tried every facial and they never grew. I decided to use a drugstore to find a lash grow product and it worked.
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Yes. You can grow your lashes. An eyelash enhancer is the best product that can make you assure that your eyelashes will always look beautiful.
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Yes, Eyelashes grow back. But you need to take extra care for them.

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They stop growing when you get older for some. My grandma has not had eye lashes for at least 15 years
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Well first of all, some people have long eyelashes some don't , and you can use mascara to make them "look" longer if you really want to, They do grow with age, like when you are younger they are smaller but its like when you grow up you keep Growing taller, well yeah they grow like that too, but they stop at a point when your body stops growing. So they may get longer, it all depends on age really. But not very often will they be like growing longer and longer like they eyelashes models have unless you have long eyelashes already :P
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Yes, Eyelashes grow back except eyes.

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Barb Cala
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What does that mean?
Charli Leary
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Yes, eyelashes do grow back but it takes time, effort and the right kind of treatment to get longer, fuller, healthier, stronger and hence more beautiful eyelashes.

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