Do People Sometimes Apply Eye-shadow On The Lower Eye Lid, And What Is The Right Method To Do It?


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You shouldn't apply eye shadow or eye liner directly on your lower lids because it can cause irritation or damage to your eyes. Some people apply a small amount of shadow just under the lower lashes, at a safe distance from the eye.

Moderation is the key because liner or shadow under the eyes can actually make them appear smaller. This is especially true if the liner or shadow is applied in an unbroken line. Applying a very small amount, and dotting it just under the lash line looks the most natural.

The look works best a night, when more dramatic makeup is called for. Use a smoky colour and smudge it gently. Brush away excess with a tissue. Again, use the colour sparingly and experiment to see what works best with your eye colour. It might be that you look better with a more natural look. Even if you choose to use colour below your eyes, concentrate your makeup on the upper lids and lashes. This will give an uplifting effect.
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Sure people do use eye shadow on lower lids all the time.  Here is a video that shows a master class on applying eye shadow to lower lids.  I hope you enjoy it and it is helpful to you.

Eye Shadow Master Class

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