How Do You Tighten Pores?


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Pores are really very small openings on the skin for excretion of sweat and other wastes from the skin. When your pores are open , different oils in the form of excretion come out and become the reason of pimples and boil formation on the skin. In order to clear those pores and also to tighten them people undergo facial treatment.
Facial is a treatment for your skin in which your skin is massaged and then steam is given to your face in order to open pores. When these pores are opened, different kinds of toners and cleansers are used to cleanse away the oils and other impurities present within the pores. After the cleansing these pores must be closed or tighten so that more dust does not enter the skin pores.

In order to tighten the pores, ice cubes should be rubbed into skin after 5-10 minutes of facial treatment. As due to steam these pores are opened so they need something cool to be closed in. So the best thing to tighten your pores after facial treatment is to rub in ice cubes on your face. Ice cubes can be rubbed into skin even when you are not having a facial treatment as they give your skin a clear glow and the pores are tighten too.
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You cannot remove them, but you can clean them. I use a clean and clear product that has lil granuals. Microbeads they call em. It really does the trick, as they srub off all the dead skin and help polish the new. Follow up with a good toner or witch hazel.. That will close the pores after you clean them. Every day- you got to stay on it- especially if your skin is oily.
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Apply cold water to your face
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Do not use Ola or any other product drink almond oil and you will get rid of hem do not do sex it will increase your pores please

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