How Do You Make A Stola?


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The stola basically was a customary garment of Roman women, matching to the toga which was worn by men. To create a Stola select two pieces of material of personal choice, approximately four feet in length. The width of the Stola will depend on personal size. Start of by joining the side seams and the shoulder seams.

Now after you have finished stitching the material together choose two ribbons of personal choice, they have to be approximately two feet in length and one inch wide.

Now stitch the ribbon near the waist section of the Stola to make its look fancy and decorative. The Stola basically was an extended, pleated outfit, often worn over a tunic. The Stola had elongated sleeves, but the sleeves could either be a section of the Stola itself, or would be a part of the tunic.

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