How Do You Grow Eye Lashes?


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There are many things that can make your eyelashes grow. Some applicants may cause irritations or allergy in the area around your eyelashes. It is highly recommendable for you to visit a beautician before you apply anything on your eyelashes. It is also known that Vaseline would help in growing the eyelashes. Eyelashes are known to grow automatically in about five to eight weeks.

Now-a-days in order to have lush eyelashes, many have gone to the extent of transplanting the eyelashes. There are many eyelash enhancers which are also available in the local market, they may work, but it is recommendable to do a research about it with your beautician. There are many website available on the internet which provide home made remedies to grow eyelashes. Some also say that you can even apply olive oil or lavender oil.

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I've been using egg whites. The yolk can be used as a mask for your face, it's good on your pores and very firming. Anyway, one egg is plenty for at least a week. The whites can be stored in tupperware and small amounts can be applied on lashes with an old and cleaned mascara brush or an eyelash comb. By the next day, I noticed that my lashes were even slightly darker. It's also a good idea to not wear mascara everyday...and watch how often you use that curler!
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I use castor oil.

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Use VASALINE or petrolum jelly...
Works wonders!!!!!!
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Well, there are several ways by which one can grow their eye-lashes beautiful and attractive. Generally I would suggest you to use some natural ways by which you can easily grow your lashes and also can make your lashes look more beautiful and attractive. I have written one blog in which you can get the details about how to naturally grow your eye-lashes without any issue.

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Tips of grow your eyelash :-

1.  Put a small number
of drops of vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly on a soft-bristled eyelash brush
or comb.

2.  Use the brush to
apply the oil or jelly directly on your lashes.

3.  Continue brushing
the lashes gently using upward strokes. ...

4.  Brush for about 5
minutes twice daily until you see desired results.

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