Where Can I Buy Self Piercing Earrings?


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Pam Henderson answered
There really are or at least there were self piercing earrings, I had a pair.
But I cannot find any. I have been looking for them for ages. Would love to have a pair.  My ears are pierced but the end of these go inside the other end which is hollow.  Nothing to poke you when you sleep.
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Anonymous answered
Pssh, there is absolutely a such thing as a self-piercing earring. Sometimes you can find them at local jewelry stores, or just hunt around online until you find them. A friend found hers at Walmart, but I don't think they sell them anymore...

Fortunately, I got mine from my mother. Just look around--you'll stumble over a pair soon enough.
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Theres no such thing as self piercing earrings if your after a piercings gun ebay has many. Also you can get a little gun in a shop called doc black, but ebay has the best deals were you get a load of earrings with the gun.

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